Works great
Barely usrd perfect shape. .still in the box.....


Iphone 6 plus great condition Best offer


iPhone 6 plus perfect condition. Called me at 9858607035
What's included: - IMAC Computer (Upgraded from original and Refurbished) -Apple Keyboard -Apple Mouse -Power Cord - 2 Speakers -17 Monitor -Lots of Software The data on the computer has been erased, however all the software programs are still on it (IE. Adobe Suite including Photoshop CS2, InDesign, Illustrator, as well as Excel, Word, and many more.) These are the actual pictures of the unit ...
Great sound, many options to adjust sound. can see all specs. on ONKYO.pdf
good cordless house phone set, 7.00,,no longer have a home phone , so no longer needed..call 573 -263-4566
new copy paper $2.50 per ream,,standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper,,have 35 reams to sell .. call 573-263-4566 if interested
computer carts, , metal on wheels,luxor plastic computer carts,single and double tier carts, 35.00-45.00 each,call 573-263-4566 if interested
several home phones in good condition, just don't have a land line anymore , so no longer needed..call 573-263-4566
Completely Wireless with Sensor Technology - Easy To Install w/ Plug & Play Technology Applies widely to works, banks, stores, warehouses, offices and homestead, thanks to its kinds of protection abilities like anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, gas leakage protection and most importantly, emergency calls. Package Includes: •1x Keypad / Control Unit of alarm system •8x...
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